Sharing Our Stories and Experiences at Destination Design

Sharing Our Stories and Experiences at Destination Design

Prioritizing your home and office improvement projects

By understanding the why behind your projects, it’s easier to prioritize them. Synergies between parts of the home are sometimes ...
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Tea space

What to do with lost customers.

Have you ever stood in the entrance of a restaurant, a small business office, or even a retail store for ...
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Kitchen counters

Help! My Kitchen is Being Held Hostage by the Cabinet Maker.

So, I was working on a total new kitchen design for a client/friend who decided to take the design and ...
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Reception area

A Cool Environment for a Hot Service

When J & N Tanning Salon approached Destination Design for their new salon design it seemed like a great opportunity ...
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Dining area

Elements of light. A big experience in a small dining room.

When redesigning the dining room in her own home, Marissa Schultz, our principal designer was faced with an interesting challenge. ...
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