“Great Design is functional, beautiful, and relevant to the client’s daily life”

“Great Design is functional, beautiful, and relevant to the client’s daily life”

Marissa Schultz, Owner, Destination Design

Achieving your vision of a beautiful, livable space that is a reflection of you or your business begins with understanding how you live and work.

At Destination Design we believe your surroundings have a direct impact on how you live, feel, and work each day. That’s why we take the time to listen and observe from our very first meeting.

Helping you identify your priorities, reviewing your space from a fresh, expert perspective, and making sure you arrive at your best design destination is our goal.

Whether it’s a new home or remodel, a single room, or your place of business, we want every part of your space to be relevant, valued, and a reflection of your goals.

Destination Design, specializes in quality design concepts, material selection, and project execution. We excel at color, furniture selection, space planning, lighting, sound, and project management. We deliver value so you can reach your design destination on time and on budget.

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What Our Clients and Partners Say


Anderson-Gray Family

“We hired Marissa to help us design our new home and now we live in a dream home! Working with a design expert throughout the process made everything so much easier and helped us take our own ideas to the next level.
We knew what we wanted and liked but weren’t sure how to pull it all together, and that’s where Marissa came in. From helping us find the right color palate to combining textures and laying out spaces, Marissa’s help was PRICELESS! She helped us stay true to our original goal and within our budget.
We had a great experience working with Marissa and highly recommend her!”


Jason Geils

OCS Painting

“Marissa from Destination Design is an exemplary designer and construction manager. She excels at communicating with her clients and contractors. Her scheduling is always on point which is key in any construction project. Marissa's eye to detail and effective communication style is immediately evident from the design, commencement, implementation of project to its end.”


Mike H.

Business Owner

“Marissa has done a number of design projects for me -- both business and personal. She is a master on coordinating materials and space planning (which I am totally out of my element). She designed my company's lobby space along with some of the meeting rooms with an outcome that was unimaginable for me without her direction. She also coordinated my home redo of colors, carpet and kitchen including managing the project with the subs.
Presently she is representing me as project manager for a remodel of a conference room at a public university. If you have an interior design need, you would be well served to give Marissa a call."


Ruth and Mark B.

Our kitchen/family room/hallway/partial bedroom remodel finished "two weeks early!". That's an amazing feat, considering all of the living space impacted by our remodel! Marissa was on top of all of the details and professionals needed to keep the job on task. And we LOVE the finished results! We truly have a dream kitchen filled with family, friends, good food and laughter in a beautiful living space. thank you!


Cristie L.

I am delighted with the work Marissa did on my house! Carpeting, paint, furniture and artwork that she chose are all beautiful! I am now very proud of my house, and very comfortable in it every day. It feels very sophisticated and very cozy at the same time. Just what I was looking for. Also, she's wonderful to work with. Highly recommended!!!

For our commercial clients, we think your interior space should work as hard as you do. Whether a retail store, a University, a service business, or an office, we look at your surroundings from the perspectives of you, your employees, and your clients. Your interior can make a statement that is a direct reflection of your business philosophy, improve your business relationships, improve productivity, and keep your customers coming back.