What’s It Like to Work With Destination Design?

We want to get to know you and establish a good partnership. We want to understand what’s important to you in your daily life. Most importantly it’s about putting the user in the space, whether that’s the homeowner, a family member, a business owner, or a business’s client. We spend the time up front to create the plan that’s right for you.

Destination Design serves clients from Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, and Chicago. We’ve done projects in NY, Texas, and California.

Our Process


Highlighting Collaboration

From client discussions, we create an accurate picture of your aspirations, needs, and challenges. We read between the lines and prioritize your projects and goals.


Aligning Your Needs With Our Design Process

The proposal process ensures project clarity. We are always listening to your thoughts and concerns. Our personalized design activity guide outlines the steps and phases that can be executed all at once or in stages.


Where Art Meets Practicality

Creating beautiful design solutions is our goal. The visualization of ideas can be in the form of sketches, renderings, spec drawings, or material and color boards. Idea iterations and client feedback bring us closer to the best solutions.


The Beauty Is in the Details

Destination Design can have as large or as small of a role in the entire process depending on your preferences. We understand that we all lead busy lives. No task is too tedious for us—from managing time-consuming projects to shopping and ordering of materials.

"The key to the design journey is finding harmony of the visual and the functional. Find significance in every step and your destination will have greater meaning."

– Marissa Schultz